Track-by-track commentary

Shazam (stereo - original LP)

01. Hello Susie
02. Beautiful Daughter
03. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited
04. Fields Of People
05. Don't Take My Baby Blue
06. The Last Thing On My Mind

The Move's
last album for EMI was released on 26 February 1970 on Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1012. This definitive edition has been digitally remastered for the first time ever from the original masters (found in A&M's tape archive in 2007) while music cut from previous CD editions is reinstated.

Bonus tracks 7-14

This Time Tomorrow: The B-side to July 1969's 'Curly' single, this pastoral-sounding Dave Morgan song could almost have been an outtake from The Beatles' 'White Album'. New bassist Rick Price handled the vocal, Roy Wood played at being Jimi Hendrix on the fade.

A Certain Something: Originally begun at Olympic Studios in April, this is the second recording on 19 June 1968 from Trident Studios, co-produced by Denny Cordell and Tony Visconti (who also contributed the orchestral arrangement - note the similarities with his later work for T. Rex.) This version has been mixed to stereo from the original multitrack session tape.

Curly (alternate mix): Rumoured - incorrectly - to have been about Carl Wayne's pet pig. Roy Wood played the distinctive recorder part while Carl Wayne grimaced his way through the chorus: "Curly, where's your girly, where's she gone?". "It was very poppy," concedes Rick Price, "more in the style of a band like Honeybus. It was Roy trying to do something different as usual."

Wild Tiger Woman (stereo mix): Originally titled 'Wild Tiger Woman Blues', the version released as a 45 was a production room mess with Denny Cordell leaving mid-session. It was left to engineer Glyn Johns to bring some sense of order to the proceedings, though the resulting single is without doubt The Move's most wild and wayward single. This newly mixed stereo version from the original session tape, brings an added clarity to what was the band's most adventurous and extraordinary failure. Ace session man Nicky Hopkins guested on piano.

Omnibus (full-length version): This lost Move classic, recorded on 21 March 1968 at Olympic Studios, was hidden away on the flipside of 'Wild Tiger Woman'. Mixing to stereo from the original session multitrack tape has restored the song to its full length, revealing its West Coast-style wah-wah fadeout in full.

Something (demo version): With its strong, blueswailing Carl Wayne vocal, this Dave Morgan-penned song was released as an A-side in America while Italy got its own specially recorded Italian-language version. This original Penny Music demo, featuring Trevor Burton on some incredible bluesy guitar licks and Uglys (and future Wizzard drummer) Keith Smart, though, is dramatically different.

This Time Tomorrow (demo version): Another Penny Music skeleton song, this sparser version of the Curly B-side finds Carl Wayne handling the vocals.

Blackberry Way (alternate mix): A rare mix of the definitive Move 45, previously unheard on CD. How about "Boats on a lake/Unattended now/The laughter drowned" for enigmatic pop lyricism?



- drums, percussion
RICK PRICE - bass guitar, vocals
CARL WAYNE - lead vocals
ROY WOOD - lead guitar, all guitars, vocals

Trevor Burton - bass guitar, vocals (tracks 8, 10, 11 &14) lead guitar (track 12)
Nicky Hopkins - piano (tracks 8, 10 & 11)
Dave Morgan - guitar (tracks 12 & 13)
Richard Tandy - bass guitar (track 12) harpsichord (track 14)
Tony Visconti - bass guitar (track 2) recorders (track 8)

Strings, brass and woodwind arrangements by Tony Visconti

Produced by Roy Wood, Carl Wayne, Rick Price in conjunction with Gerald Chevin

Recorded at Advision Sound Studios



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