Track-by-track commentary

CD1: Move (mono - original LP)

01. Yellow Rainbow
02. Kilroy Was Here
03. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
04. Weekend
05. Walk Upon The Water
06. Flowers In The Rain
07. Hey Grandma
08. Useless Information
09. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
10. The Girl Outside
11. Fire Brigade
12. Mist On A Monday Morning
13. Cherry Blossom Clinic

The debut LP remastered for the very first time from the original mono master tape, produced 20 February 1968 at Maximum Sound Studios by Denny Cordell and engineer Dave Hadfield. Production master tape compiled at EMI Abbey Road Studios on 7 March 1968 by engineer Ron Pender. Original mono LP released April 1968 by EMI (Regal Zonophone LRZ 1002).

Bonus Tracks 14-18: SINGLE A&B SIDES

Vote For Me
: The flip for the proposed 'Cherry Blossom Clinic' 45 until it was pulled. An obvious crack at the political establishment in the wake of the 'Flowers In The Rain' court case. Original version recorded on 25 August 1967 at Advision Studios and later rearranged and rerecorded.

Disturbance: Originally the band's first A-side, this early Wood composition ended up as the b-side to 'Night Of Fear'. It boasts one of Ace Kefford's powerful whistles and screams aplenty from Cordell and Secunda on the "Hammer Horror" style fade-out. A genuinely frightening experience, according to all who witnessed it.

Night Of Fear: The first single, complete with transparent drug culture references ("Just about to trip your mind" sung, appropriately, by Ace). Inspiration came, Roy later said, from "hearing noises in the night and not being able to sleep".

Wave The Flag And Stop The Train: A throwback to the beat group era, this was, Bev laughed later, The Move's attempt to emulate The Monkees. Recorded 5 January 1967, the song became the flip of The Move's second single, released in March 1967. . .

I Can Hear The Grass Grow: "Above my studio were the offices of the naturist magazine, Health & Efficiency," remembers Bobby Davidson, The Move's in-house photographer, "and someone had sent in a letter that said, 'I listen to pop music on the radio because where I live it's so bloody quiet that I can hear the grass grow'. I said to Roy, 'Wouldn't that make a great song title?', and he went off and wrote the song."



Features, in the main, newly created stereo mixes from the original 4-track session tapes. This is The Move as you've never, ever heard them before...

Intro / Move: Something of an unofficial theme song, in the manner of an uptempo Stax number, technical problems (all now fixed) during the final mix on 30 January 1967 prevented its appearance as the original b-side to 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow'.

Cherry Blossom Clinic: Originally recorded in August, the song was revisited on 1 November 1967 with production duties shared between The Move and Denny Cordell. The tape containing the horn section was lost long ago but the strings are revealed as never before.

Fire Brigade: The first version of this classic song was recorded at Olympic Sound Studios in November 1967 before additional guitar and vocal overdubs were added at De Lane Lea Studios on 23 December 1967.

Kilroy Was Here
(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree

All from an Advision Sound Studio session taped on 23 March 1967.

Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart: Two versions of concert favourite and Bev "Bullfrog" Bevan showcase were recorded at the final Advision Studios session on 4 February 1968

Don't Throw Stones At Me: The Move go Tamla! This Roy Wood original recorded during January 1967 was obviously inspired by the sounds coming out of Hitsville, Detroit, and the song's soulful style provides a perfect vehicle for a rare and impressive Ace Kefford lead vocal. Again, another fine track originally beset by technical problems on being mixed to mono.

Mist On A Monday Morning: The Move's first recording at Olympic with Glyn Johns engineering, recorded on 19 December 1967 and featuring Roy on acoustic guitar backed by strings, flute and harpsichord.

Vote For Me (alternate take): A new arrangement taped on 1 November 1967 as part of a three-song session with 'Cherry Blossom Clinic' and 'The Price Of Love' (of which only the backing track exists).

Night Of Fear: The first session at Advision Studios on 22 October 1966 during which two versions of the debut single were recorded.

The Girl Outside (alternate take): Different version to the LP and a rare original stereo mix.

Walk Upon The Water: Original stereo mix of the first song to be recorded in January 1967 at Advision.

Useless Information: The last song to be recorded and the first to be mixed to stereo for the rare mono/stereo album version.

Flowers In The Rain: recorded at Advision Sound Studios on 6 July 1967 and the last session multitrack to be recovered, found languishing in long-forgotten tape vault near London Bridge station….


BEV BEVAN - drums, percussion, vocals
TREVOR BURTON - rhythm guitar, vocals
CHRIS "ACE" KEFFORD - bass guitar, vocals
CARL WAYNE - lead vocals
ROY WOOD - lead guitar, vocals

Strings, brass and woodwind arrangements by Tony Visconti

Produced by Denny Cordell

Recorded during various sessions between October 1966 - February 1968 at Advision Sound Studios (engineer Gerald Chevin, assisted by Eddie Offord), De Lane Lea Studios (engineer Mike Weighell) and Olympic Sound Studios (engineers Terry, Glyn Johns, Andy Johns, Phill Chapman).

(from top):

THE MOVE sign copies of their debut album at a record shop in Cheapside London, 1968 (photo EMI Records)

THE MOVE in Advision Sound Studios with Denny Cordell & Gerald Chevin during playback of 'Wave The Flag And Stop The Train' 1967 (photo Napier Russell/Uncut Photo Archive)

THE MOVE in Borehamwood filming the promotional video for 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' 1967 (photo The Move)

THE MOVE at the Cedar Club 1966 (photo The Move)



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