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And while we're talking Sony Legacy, they're one of the few companies out there doing spectacular remasters and re-releases of their catalogue titles, the latest of which feature the first two albums from Jeff Lynne's ELO - No Answer and ELO II (Epic/Legacy, $11.98 SRP each). In addition to the remastered sound, both discs also feature a quartet of bonus tracks.

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Daily Sentinel
; Grand Junction, Colorado
Electric Light Orchestra celebrates 35th anniversary
October 16, 2006

by Rock Cesario

The restoration of the original catalog of the music of Electric Light Orchestra has hit full stride this month as expanded editions of "On the Third Day," "Face the Music" and "A New World Record" hit store shelves Sept. 12. Each expanded edition contains bonus tracks and new liner notes.

2006 marks ELO's 35th anniversary, as last March brought the release of its first two albums, "No Answer" and "ELO II."

Three and a half decades after the concept first turned the world on to the possibilities of orchestral rock outside the boundaries of classical music, Jeff Lynne returned to the original analog master tapes to personally supervise the first comprehensive album restoration campaign in the history of ELO. The group thrived for 15 years under the guidance of Lynne as it released 12 original studio albums and one live LP.

At its peak between 1974 and 1981, ELO put together nine consecutive Recording Industry Association of America gold, platinum and multiplatinum albums and charted more than two dozen singles, including 20 in the top 40.

ELO was founded in Birmingham, England, in 1970 by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Roy Wood (formerly with the Move) and guitarist singer-songwriter Lynne (formerly of the Idle Race). It was decided Lynne would join the Move and then they would form the new band, ELO.

The demise of the Move and the rise of ELO played out over the next year and a half. The Move's final appearance was in the U.K. in October 1971, by which point Wood and Lynne were already under way with the ELO plan. The lineup would include the Move drummer Bev Bevan, part-time member Richard Tandy (bass and keyboards), and a changing lineup of bass, violin and cello players.

ELO's self-titled debut album was issued in December on Harvest, but failed to win the backing of the Moves fans at first. "10538 Overture," the first track from the album, hit the British top 10 late that summer, which secured ELO's career in England.

In the U.S.A., "10538 Overture" could not find a slot on the charts and the LP came in at No. 196 for only two weeks.

Meanwhile back in England, Wood had become unhappy with ELO's fate and left to create a band Wizzard, leaving Lynne as the major creative force. "ELO II," with the single "Roll Over Beethoven," did pretty well on both the U.K. and U.S. charts. This modest breakthrough allowed ELO to visit the States on its first tour that summer, creating a forever loyal American fan base.

The band's third release, the aptly titled "On the Third Day," featured "Ma-Ma-Ma Belle" and "In the Hall of the Mountain King." However, it was the next album, "Eldorado" (remastered and reissued in 2001) featuring "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" that saw the band really hit its stride in America. "Face the Music," released in 1975 -- featuring "Evil Woman" and "Strange Magic" as top 20 singles and non-single track such as "Fire on High" and "Waterfall" -- was the most solid release to date.

ELO came back stronger than ever in fall 1976, as "Living Thing" made the top 20 and proclaimed the arrival of "A New World Record" with its jukebox-styled embossed cover logo that has been the bands symbol for 30 years. The LP took less than two months to become the band's first RIAA platinum album.

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